The Company

SS Protelo Business Solutions alias ‘Protelo’ is a global professional services company specializing in business process re-engineering and technology implementations for companies around the globe. With offices in India and South Africa along with associates from various parts of the world, we are able to keep our finger on the ever-changing pulse of the Education, Life Sciences, Legal, Media, Manufacturing, Automobile, E-Commerce, Travel & Tourism, Oil & Gas and also the retail sectors. We are glad to have served several top brands around the world by extending our translation and localisation services since 2011. We started Protelo Studios in 2013 and Protelo Recumbents India in 2018. Till today, the urge to add value to the world has never ever diminished for us but has only kept inceasing. 

Protelo is a company that believes in leading the industry by creating more leaders as its associates. It has strong experience over the years in creating top quality translators and voice artists in many languages who earlier had no idea about the prospective localisation industry in-spite of having strong command over their native language for a translator and a fantastic voice for a voice artist. It is absolutely true that by helping our associates grow, we grew too and so did our clients. 

Envisioning to become the number one global services firm, Protelo is helping clients realize the need for business transformation with regards to languages and technology. With more than 15,000 domain specific consultants worldwide and our global alliance partners, Protelo provides truly comprehensive services.

The History of 'Protelo'

‘Protelo’ was founded in 2011 by Shanmugaraj Rajamanickam alias ‘Shan’ followed by a team of professionals drawn from a broad range of industries and backgrounds inspired by the name “Protelo” in Latin which means ‘to lead’. In 2011, Protelo was primarily as a translation company but is currently one of India’s leading independent end-end global services company helping clients around the world harness the power of unrestricted business beyond borders to thrive on a steady growth globally in their respective industries. Protelo has unmatched experience in providing tailor-made localisation support to its clients since 2011, supporting 100+ top clients in the field of Education, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Legal, Advertising, Banking & Insurance, Automotive & Engineering, Import/Export, Information Technology, Agriculture and many more. Our solutions offer speed, agility, and efficiency to tackle business challenges for our clients mainly helping them ‘GO LOCAL’ anywhere around the globe.

‘Shan’ had a vision of a niche consulting firm whose success would depend on specialized skills, a keen focus on customer satisfaction, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. After starting his career at the age of 18 at HSBC, Bangalore, India followed by working for the Reliance ADA group few years later in Chennai, Shan knew he could make his vision a reality, and in 2011, SS Protelo Business Solutions was born. In 2013, Shan started ‘Protelo Studios’ as an internal organization for SS Protelo Business Solutions. With a strong background in international business, Shan quickly built a strong customer base for Protelo around the globe building a fierce loyalty among his clients. On the due course of time, this fueled his urge of leadership to create more leaders.

Ms. Divya joined Protelo in 2013 and learnt the art of leadership pretty quickly to start taking the legacy forward spreading the positivity to the members who joined Protelo after her. As the second most important partner, she now heads the Marketing and Administration division for Protelo with a huge client base all over India.

In 2016, Ms. Aiswariya brought her expertise in the Finance and Localisation space to Protelo, joining the firm after years of experience at several auditing firms. As the third most important Partner, she provides invaluable support, leadership, and knowledge to the firm and its associates.

From the beginning, Protelo focused their translation and localisation offerings to a wide range of industries, choosing to dig deep via specialization spreading their knowledge and skills over a broader range than focusing on one particular industry. This helped the firm now have hands on expertise on almost every domain in the world. After years together, the Protelo team is still committed to fostering a vibrant, supportive company culture that benefits both internal and external clients.  

Our People

Our highly accredited, enthusiastic and skilled team has extensive project experience and in-depth knowledge of the services industry, with expertise deeply focused on translation and localisation, Dubbing and voice-overs, transcription and subtitling, animation and much more as of now. The team is however always keen in adding up as many feathers as possible to its cap whenever there is an opportunity to tightly catch hold of. Each project is different, but they all have one thing in common – a need for decisive, informed, and often urgent action. And because that need is at the heart of everything we do, it has come to shape every aspect of our business. The hard work with extreme perseverance that the team has always extended to all the projects is the main reason for the growth of Protelo over the years.


Our Commitment

We are more than just another localisation vendor. We are a true partner, viewing ourselves as an asset that truly adds value to your organization. With our experience across numerous industry verticals, we take a strategic approach to your project requirements extensively and ensure customised  solutions to serve you in the long-term and help you achieve your goals. We are as committed to your goals as you are. We strive to uphold our tagline : ‘Your Glocal Partner’- Helping you go local anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. Get in touch with us for a project today to know more about the value we can add to your organisation.