Why work with Protelo?

Embracing diversity & inclusion

Our collaborative teams believes in honest communication, sharing creativity, and welcoming different perspectives from different minds all over the world so no matter how far or near from our location, if you have the passion with the right capabilities we could still work together on a long term.

Dedicated to your growth

We provide you mentoring, training and opportunities to fulfill your ambitions and potential. This is because we have a strong experience in creating high quality translators, voice-artists, designers, developers and animators who initially were just passionate freshers with an open mindset to learn the skills. 

We are our people

Our greatest asset is our people, and nothing is more important to us. We have developed the kind of long-term incentive programs to reward individuals based on career level and performance. You can bet that such an attractive  incentive package would never be offered by any company in the world. 

Life-work balance

At Protelo, we believe in the motto – ‘Work While You Work; Play While You Play’ even at the office. We are one of the very few offices in the world that have treadmill workstations to encourage the importance of fitness at workplace. You can apply as a  full-time employee or freelancer for translation, voiceover, dubbing, sales and marketing positions.

How does it work?

Our vibrant workforce is a cosmopolitan blend of nationalities and cultures, which enhances the service we offer to our customers and creates a stimulating, inclusive and fun working environment. Thousands of people work with Protelo from around the world on a freelance basis. Most of them are translators, voice-artists, transcribers, business consultants and so on. Most importantly, all our people are passionate about languages, technology, solving problems for customers and making an impact on the world.

At Protelo, we offer careers that suit a wide range of skill sets, educational background and levels of experience. That being said, having zero experience but a 100% passion and interest in Localisation or Globalisation would still quality you to be a part of us without a doubt as we know that passion is all that takes for a successful first step. We are strongly aware that fresh minds loaded with dreams could be the best minds of the present. 

We also love hearing from you about any potential opportunities on which we could partner to help the world so feel free to write to us if you believe there is any. As you may know about us now, we are the first bicycle studio in India to enter the recumbent bicycling sector due to the idea of one of our associates to help reform the future of our non-exercising community. Write to us in info@ssprotelo.com!