Our Businesses

At Protelo, we aim to create businesses at a global level that add value not just to your business but also to your personal life. We come across various challenges in our day today professional as well as personal life and we have two choices at this time to either look at these challenges as obstacles or as opportunities. We prefer the latter, scroll down to know how. 

The Localisation Studio

Protelo Studios handles localisation of content for SS Protelo Business Solutions in over 120 languages around the globe primarily through services such translation, transcription, dubbing, subtitling and voice-over. If you are looking for top quality localisation support at cost effective prices, Protelo Studios would be your pick. Click on the image above for our studio’s site.

The Language Academy

Learning a new language could be the most interesting decision one could take but how do you ensure you get native quality language training? Our virtual International language academy has  been helping people learn any language they want from anywhere there are most importantly by native teachers. Click on the image above for our classroom site.

The Recumbent Studio

A good posture and an exercise schedule is all we need to physically as well as mentally function to our optimum. India has gotten used to the stereotypical cycling with poor cushioned saddles and bad posture resulting in pain, discomfort and an overall ill health. In the interest of combating all the above challenges, we bring the most updated as well as sophisticated recumbent bicycle technologies to India. Click on the image above to know more..

The Global Entertainer

Language has always been a barrier in enjoying entertainment for all of us but not anymore as we aim to bring you AV programmes in over 100 languages around the globe. Coming soon to you, stay tuned.