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Protelo Recumbents India as a part of SS Protelo Business Solutions was started in 2018 in the interest of bringing the most updated cycling technology known as ‘Recumbent cycling’ for the first time to India. We are the first bicycle studio in India that represents the most complete line of recumbents from all around the world brought to India. From pain free two wheelers to the even more popular, comfortable and stable three wheelers.


Our country’s youth have been spoiled due to lack of proper mentoring with respect to the importance of maintaining a good posture and performing cardio vascular exercises on a regular basis. We envision a healthy India in the next decade and our main aim is to promote cycling in a good posture. The benefits of recumbent cycling are vast and we have explained most of them on our website.


As you may already know atleast 5 out of 10 people today have musculo-skeletal issues in our country. Most of them are forced into prescription drugs due to the lack of knowledge about their own body’s physiology. 90% of such musculoskeletal issues could be resolved by proper exercising, right diet and good night sleep. Our mission is to spread this word to our fellow citizens and let them know how they can bid farewell to their body pain through the recumbent technology.   

What are recumbent bikes?

A recumbent is a bicycle that sees the rider sit in a laid-back or reclining position. In French it’s called vélo couché. (In Spanish it’s bici reclinada; in Dutch it’s ligfiets). While recumbents are generally two-wheeled bikes, trikes are also available, that either have two wheels at the back or two at the front.

Recumbents are ergonomically designed for comfort, with the rider’s weight distributed evenly over a wide seat, and supported by the back and butt rather than just by a saddle. The change in positioin means that the pedals are out in front of the rider, rather than underneath, with the pedals actually higher on the bike than the seat. This takes a lot of stress off on your knees

Why a recumbent bike/trike instead of a normal one?

If you’ve already had the chance of talking to a recumbent rider, you may have noticed that most of them say that they love their recumbent and wouldn’t ride anything else. So, what is it about recumbents that make people so passionate about them?

Shan, the head of Protelo, India has been riding “normal” bikes for a very long time, as every day commuters in the city, as well as cycle tourers. We all have had stiff necks for brief as well as long periods and pain in the wrists were the main issues that wouldn’t go away even with a change of position or other small tweaks on the normal bikes. In 2018, he tried recumbent bicycles for the first time and it gave him the kind of experience that ordinary bikes could never give him. Below are the benefits he was able to enjoy that he felt his fellow citizens of India also deserved to enjoy.

Zero Pain

No sore bum, because the weight is distributed all over your back and bum. No painful wrists, because they don’t have to bear any weight. No stiff neck, because it’s in a more natural position.

Better breathing

Compared to a normal bike, our breathing accelerates much less when pedalling uphill. Thus, the only factor limitating effort are your muscles.

Faster uphill

On a traditional bike since you do not have a back support, there is nothing to hold your back while you pedal uphill and hence this forces you to stand up and pedal while on a recumbent while you pedal, you can push with your back against the seat and thus use your whole body to push the pedals. We dare say that this is even more efficient than standing up on a normal bike.

Much faster downhill

Going downhill is one of the greatest things of touring with a recumbent. You’re more aerodynamic, and the centre of gravity is much lower on a recumbent, thus it’s much more stable. The stability increases even more with added weight. With roughly 30 kg of luggage, we were able to go downhill at speeds of 50 or 60 km/h and were able to take curves at 40 km/h without breaking. Doesn’t this sound like great fun? Well, it is. 

Better view of the road

Because you’re in a relaxed and natural position, you don’t need to twist your neck to look up. Think pedalling through a canyon, or looking at the night sky, or bird-watching, or just enjoying the view around you.

No special clothing

Leave your classic cycling clothes at home. Especially those padded shorts that make you feel like you’re walking through the supermarket in diapers. Just an ordinary pair of shorts and any t-shirt will do the job – and you can use them off-bike, too.

Head winds are easier to tackle

You’re more aeronynamic on a recumbent, but the main thing is that your feet go first, as opposed to a normal bike where you cycle head-first into the wind. This makes tackling headwinds on a recumbent a much easier challenge to face.

Not many special spares

Most spare parts are standard: bracket, pedals, chain and brakes, etc. This means that many parts can be replaced at any local cycle shop. The main special parts of a recumbent are the seat and the steering.

Improves overall health

Using the recumbent bike is a great aerobic exercise and it uses some of your largest muscles groups – quadriceps, hamstrings, legs, and glutes which are the most important muscles of your lower body. People on jobs that involve prolonged sitting almost have these muscles deactivated that results in lower back pain and sciatica.

Acts as a perfect rehab

If you have severe back pain or sciatica, we highly recommend you to try riding one of the recumbent bikes or trikes as it helps you recover completely over a period of time. We think it is a much safer and better option over any drugs you may want to take over the counter with or without prescription.

Recumbent Bikes we deal with

Day 6 Bicycles

Sun Seeker Bicycles


The perfect recumbent starts by measuring which bike best fits your body and needs. The following information is provided to help guide on measuring your X-Seam.

Supplies Needed : You will need a tape measure and a board that is approximately 30'' to 48'' long (an ironing board will work).

Step 1 :  Place one end of the board on the floor, then put the entire board flush against any wall.
Step 2 : Pull the bottom of the board 14 to 16” out away from the wall. This should simulate a comfortable reclined position similar to what you would have when driving a car.
Step 3 : Pull your butt tightly against the bottom of the board (by holding the board steady in its position with your hands, while gently scooting your butt against the board).
Step 4 : Extend your legs straight out (no bending of the knees), and point your toes straight up towards the ceiling. (It will be necessary to remove your shoes for this step.)
Step 5 : Now take the measurement from the base of the reclined board to the bottom of your shoeless heal.


For Day 6 bikes and others that belong to the semi recumbent sector, we measure the in seam instead of x seam. The following information is provided to help guide on measuring your X-Seam.

The most important measurement when sizing a bike is your inseam length. Don't base your inseam simply on your jeans size. The more precise, the better.

Step 1 :  Stand with your back against the wall and spread your 6-8” apart.
Step 2 :  Place a book between your legs and up against the wall, spine up; raise it until snug against your crotch (this mimics your bike seat.
Step 3 :  Have another person measure from the top of the book (spine) down to the floor.

Looking for the cost?

To get the best value proposition, all you have to do is email us with the bike you want to have as yours along with your in-seam/x-seam measurements. We will get back to you with the best quote for the bike along with the estimated turnaround time for the bike to reach you. We also take bulk orders for reselling purposes. Get in touch with us today!

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